Cousins Kissing: Shoes and other creatures

HB 11

Anna-Wili Highfield, Hummingbird (2013)

I like putting things together that you wouldn’t think of putting together, which is why I’m a collage artist.

Chloe, 2008 collection

So here’s a new series in which I’ll pair two artist/creators whose work, though unrelated, is similar————like, say, Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew and Tony Bennett singing “The Lady Is a Tramp” with Lady Gaga as the Lady.


Anna-Wili Highfield, Grass Parrot, 2010

Compare these shoes and sculptures. Anna-Wili Highfield is an Australian artist who “collages” paper sculptures of animals.  The pieces are stitched together from archival cotton rag paper.

Chloe, Fall 2008 collection via Sea of Shoes

These shoes are from the Fall 2008 Chloe collection, as collected by Jane Aldridge on her beautifully-curated Sea of Shoes blog.  As a  collage artist, I love these shoes!

Could I afford them? Yeah, right.   If a pair magically turned up for $5.95 at my local thrift shop, could I actually walk in them without breaking my ankles? Get real. However, what I can do is strut the pix on my blog, paired———–to make it more interesting——- with these magical paper creatures.


Anna-Wili Highfield, Horse 11, 2010

Highfield’s  statement adds:   “Her works explore the organic qualities and resistance of paper, generating a tension between the complex realism of form and the limitations and economy of the materials used.” Now, swap leather for paper, and you might have a comment on Chloe’s artistry, too.

Anna-Wili Highfield, Wren, 2012

The paper menagerie includes raven and owl, wolf and fox, eagles, a cow, and–oh, of course–kangaroos. I’ll leave you to tease out more of the similarities.

Image credits:

Anna-Wili Highfield website

More about her work on Style Me Romy

Sea of Shoes blog:

Jane’s closet on my favorite style blog Stylelikeu


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