Gift Guide for Collage Lovers

Screen shot 2013 09 25 at 4.07.31 PM DREAM MANDALA SCARVES BY ALEX & LEE: FALL 2013   The Sche Report / Margaret Sche

SHOP scrambled spells POSH————–and if your budget allows you to go really posh, then visit some galleries and actually buy collage art!

If not…I’ve collected a few collagey items which are mostly easy on the budget.

The exception is the Alex and Lee scarf above,  from the “Dream Mandala” collection based on their Rorschach collages.   There are nine different patterns (the one above is Turquoise Mosaic).

You can get these in square or rectangular in silk or modal/wool for $250 each at Cavalier Goods.

Now on to some more modest purchases and real steals.


There’s a similar feel to this 6×8″ blank journal “Virgin” from a series created by Christian Lacroix. Yes, that’s the French fashion designer. They come in 12 different designs, and include back cover collages like this from “Les Anges Baroque”:

Les Anges Baroques

The endpapers are gorgeous, and there are additional collage surprises inside. The Virgin notebook is $14 at whatta-ya-gonna-do Amazon, which has a large selection from the series ranging from $12 to $34.   For a few dollars more, if you’re bucking the tide, you can get a selection at Amara.

Fabric jewelry  textile art cuff red and purple bangle bracelet S2

This handmade bracelet is made from sari silk, African fabric,  lace,  burlap, and more, in true collage fashion.  The creator is a fabric/quilt artist who’s been sewing since 1980, Diane Bracy.   This bracelet, and more in this style, are available from her Etsy shop for………….are you ready………….$14.99!

Romare Bearden

A friend of mine is moving from the Virgin Islands to Vermont —– in January! Just in case she misses the Caribbean I’m recommending this beautiful book of collages and watercolors by the great Romare Bearden. It is to swoon.

Bearden was able to quit his day job only after he was 50, when the collages started selling. He bought a little place in his wife’s parents’ native St. Martins and visited there for years. This book is lush with the resulting art and tales of his life on the island (the poet Derek Walcott was a neighbor). Good price on this coffee table volume ($30, retails for $50) from ABE.

Romare Bearden: A Collage of Memories by Jan Greenberg is a book for kids, but a favorite book of mine, too.  The illustrations are big and include enlarged details of the collages that you don’t often find.   If you buy this (currently $7.82 for the used hardcover) via the Romare Bearden Foundation website, they’ll get a cut from Amazon. The Foundation store’s got a great selection of additional books and videos, too.

Cave Garden II Throw Pillow

Brandi Strickland is a28-year-old collage and mixed media artist living in North Carolina.   She’s offering a lot of her collages in decorative incarnations, like the throw pillow cover above, “Cave Garden II,” available from Paper Whistle.    Prices range up to $28 for the 20×20″ size.

On the Rocks Laptop & iPad Skin

Brandi also has vinyl “skins” with collage prints to decorate your laptop and iDevices. The one above is “On the Rocks” and the 13″ laptop skin is $30.

Check out her large variety of designs on phone and computer cases and more at her Society6 store.

Want to do some collaging of your own?   THE mecca for paper to paint and decorative papers like those above is N.Y. Central Art Supply.   The range of their collection is astonishing, but that’s not the best part.

For anyone making collages in a small to medium format, their paper sample packets are a steal. Lace and gauze paper, marbled and dyed paper, metallic paper, printed papers from Africa to India to Italy———–all come in Swatch Books  (remember “Swatches” from Sleepless in Seattle?).

The swatches are around 3×5″ and range from $3 for African handmades and Japanese Ogura lace to $25 for foil and metallics.   That’s the good news.  The less good news is that ordering is a tad more complicated than we’ve gotten used to online.

The catalogs (general and paper) are available only in .pdf.     Go here.      A list of the available swatch books is on page 7 of the PAPER catalog.    Browse the 169 page catalog for more details on the papers.      Ordering is by email, snail mail, or phone at 1-800-950-6111.

Okay, I know this is starting to sound a little bit  Indiana Jones, but if you love art papers………..embark on the quest!

****DEAR READERS:  Just wanted to mention that I’m not getting any kickbacks on these items, nor do I know any of the artists.  These are just gifts I like and thought you might too.


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