Tartan, Pablo Neruda, Comme des Garcons


Still from Nick Relph’s “Thre Stryppis Quhite Upon ane Blak Field” 2010

I like putting things together that you wouldn’t normally connect. Once I Googled on “Pablo Neruda” and “Allen Iverson.”  Who else might connect the late Chilean poet and the hip-hop NBA star?   I got some weird links, but clicked on one which turned out to be a blog partly in English and mostly in another language. Which  I  couldn’t even identify. The only thing that came to my mind was: Tagalog? I wasn’t even sure what that was.

Turned out to be right! Tagalog is a primary language of the Phillipines, and I verified from towns mentioned in a blog post about shopping that the blogger was a twenty-something woman in the Phillipines who shared my fondness for both these guys with poetic crossover moves and a tendency to stir controversy.
A British artist living in New York, Nick Relph likes to come up with surprising combinations.

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